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  4. Introducing, like the rest of you guys 😀 Its really nice to see imagine coming back, Ive played it long time ago, two or three years ago idek lol. Anyways I'm 18 IRL name is Ernestas 😀 I was just looking to play for a new rsps, and remembered imagine. Really hyped for the new opening. I still remember my good buddy King Philip, man if any chance you will see this post or play, im eager to see you again. Imagine is a great server, and Im dying to play it again ^_^
  5. JoelM


    Hi people of Imagine, was just wondering if anyone was left of the old server(s) from Hank and still hang around. Other username i normally used was I Masters I. See you guys soon.
  6. Congratulations! That's great to hear man, boy or girl? Did you guess right or wrong? And I'd love to tell you about my experience with IT certifications and give you some tips if you decide to go for them yourself.
  7. Rusted

    App Store

    Hey wassup man. I was actually thinking about getting some IT certs myself maybe we can talk about that in the future. And congratulations on your second child, me and my fiancé just recently received our first one. Be seeing you around brotha
  8. Rusted


    Wassup everyone, looking to playing with ya soon. Seems like a promising server that will continue to be around for awhile
  9. Good morning, I played Imagine back in the day, on their first release I believe. I went by App Store, Night, and Day. My name is Noah. I work on the IT Event Response team for Hospital Corporations of America, where we remotely work break/fix issues for hundreds of thousands of server/network devices. The environment is corporate, and as such we specialize in communication. I landed the job straight out of 2-year college, during which I gained an A+ and Net+ CompTIA certifications. I've been on night shift for over a year, which makes life a bit difficult because of the next part: I have two sons, a 4 month old and a 2 year old. I'm 21 years old and my fiance and I are in the process of owning our own home. My days consist of spending time with my family, and my nights working remotely/getting a bit of game time in, which means I'll be spending my time on the server throughout the night on CST. Other than that, there's not much to tell. Lots of memories to be made, inside and outside of the game.
  10. Hello Imagine Community, With the BETA release right around the corner, i would love some feedback on what your all's favorite and unfavorite change to the re-release, and providing of reasons would be much appreciated, Can't wait to see what you all think! Sincerely, Yennir
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    Welcome to the forums, @Cole!
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    Jii says hi.

    Welcome to the forums, @Jii!
  13. Yennir


    I haven't experienced any cases around my area luckily, hoping all of you are staying safe as well.
  14. That login screen is a vibe, can't wait to whats to come!
  15. Yennir


    Welcome to the forums, @Vr38!
  16. Super pumped, thank you all for your hard work!
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    Welcome to the forums, @Richard!
  18. Yennir


    I will be your first project 😉
  19. Welcome to the forums, @Seren!
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    Welcome to the forums, @Poopjr!
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    Welcome to the forums, @xx501xx!
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    Welcome to the forums, @Proud Leader!
  23. Welcome to the forums, @Oxy!
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    Welcome to the forums, @c0dyb!
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    Welcome to the forums, @Makingbank!
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