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    Hello Everyone, The website is now online and the forums are fully functional! Information regarding the release of the server as well as our roadmap for the future will be posted very soon. We are very excited to start this journey with you guys and I hope to see the same amount of on-going support that we've already received so far. Make sure to join our discord servers to keep up with the latest: Our Main Discord & Our Beta Discord ❤️ Hank & The Imagine Team
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    It's me Seren Elf. Just stopping by to say hello. Anybody excited for the release?
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    Oldestfag ever, Hank nor Karan remember me even though I've been helping Imagine since day 1 and I helped them on Abyss. I will suck your willy for a bunny mask, come say hi 🙂 I love cats and being in the woods, I'm a classical pianist for 6 years and that's about it. C0dy is mega cute. Infernix never deserved bunny mask. Moon is cute. João is hench.
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    Get ready me bois 👀
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