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  1. Login Screen: Custom Npc Data Loading: New Home: (Non-Destroyed) Home implemented: (Ruined) RS3 data loading in on the client: Trading has been added: Teleport Interface: - Favoriting - Toggle between displaying all/favorite only - Displays last teleport per category - Displays icon for multi area and wilderness - Animated npc display Gambling Interface: - At the moment, support for 10 different types of gambling - Supports upto 28 items per player - Full help capability (top-right corner button) on same interface (Partially complete) - Tab interface (No picture) which supports toggling between the two bets while ongoing gamble Login interface: - Can be toggled to display every login (Will be accessible via an object at home area) - Shows how many days since your last login - Shows which IP you last logged in with - Displays any donation deal going on - Displays daily events currently ongoing - Attendance rewards for premium and non-premium members collectable (Displays upto 30 days) Drop Viewer Interface: - Live search - Displays tier, amount, and rarity of drop - Sorting for tier and rarity - Clicking an item will open up item viewer interface Item Viewer Interface: - Displays all information related to items - Displays bonuses for equipment - Displays requirements for equipment - Displays npcs that drop this item - if clicked, will take you to drop viewer for npc - Clicking item image will bring up chat search feature allowing you to search for any item Npc Viewer Interface: - Live search - Displays npc skills levels, attributes, bonuses, and respawn time - Allows you to view drops for this npc if associated button clicked Models: We got all of the melee armour sets added to the game w/ stats that match their corresponding equivelent OSRS armours. Some of the armours you'll recognize as Imagine classics, such as: Tyrant: QBD set: Corrupt Dragon: reaper set: raids 1 set: Most of the rest of our older armours are either being re-worked or all brand new. Also, got all of our custom skilling items added into the server definitions and they can now be implemented into skills. 16k tweening and no scaling (look at the feet twitching/shuffling in the whip/ags gif)
  2. Hello Everyone, The website is now online and the forums are fully functional! Information regarding the release of the server as well as our roadmap for the future will be posted very soon. We are very excited to start this journey with you guys and I hope to see the same amount of on-going support that we've already received so far. Make sure to join our discord servers to keep up with the latest: Our Main Discord & Our Beta Discord ❤️ Hank & The Imagine Team
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  5. Welcome to Imagine brother ❤️
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