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    1. Cole


      Figured you are the theme designer so you deserve something unique. 🙂
    2. Cole


      I believe the beta-release is coming very soon.
    3. Cole


      Where are you located at? I'm currently in Dallas, Texas (USA).
    4. Cole


      Not entirely sure if this in a good text or bad context bro.. So I'll just sit back and watch. 😉
    5. What have you guys been up to recently since the outbreak of Corona virus? I have been staying busy at home, and luckily for myself I have a fully accessible gym in my living room unlike many others I know who had paid for a membership monthly.. All gyms in my surrounding area recently have been closed. For a long time I used to have my buddies grief me because I worked out at home instead in a community gym where I could meet other people. I always preferred staying home anyways instead of shelling out a good $50/month for unnecessary equipment anyways. How have you been keeping
    6. Cole

      501s bday

      Happy late birthday xx501xx! Hope it was one to remember this year.
    7. Cole


      Loving the theme already.
    8. Super excited honestly.. I love to start fresh with a new community and watch it grow.
    9. Cole


      PoopJr.. PoopSr has been asking about you all day. Where have you been?
    10. Cole


      Welcome to Imagine!
    11. Cole


      Proud Leader, welcome to the forums bro. Super excited myself for the server to come back up as well.
    12. Cole


      Glad to see oldschool members continuing to stick around. I'd like to make a lasting impression myself. 🙂
    13. Welcome to Imagine! Looking forward to getting to know you as well as other players.
    14. Cole


      RNG for thosedrops babyyyyyyyyyyyy
    15. Cole


      I'm also looking forward to the relaunch myself. Makingbank see you ingame brother!
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